Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Night Training.

The title is a bit misleading really, I basically just went for a run on a Wednesday night.

I stuck to the roads tonight and just did a 3 miler with Joss, with the intention just to get out and enjoy the night before the rain starts again. I have a tough training session tomorrow so I didnt want to over-do it either.

I didnt need to look at the weather forcast for the next couple of days, I just needed to look at the mud-covered roads around the village where the farmers have hurriedly cut the grass and bundled it into trailers. I guess the rain is going to return again. Shame, I was enjoying the nice dry spell we've had.

The photo's below were taken during Sundays muddy run - But I thought Id stick them on to brighten up an otherwise dull blog entry.

A clean Joss - Before the off.

I tried and tried again, but couldnt get a perfect "running towards the camera" shot.
Joss on a mission


I think I was doing his nut in, stopping to take pictures of him every so often.


  1. Al, Joss is a good looking lad! Great pics mate.


    1. Cheers fella! He's a good'un, runs me into the ground and doesn't seem to tire at all!

  2. I hope you didn't make Joss stop on a railway crossing to take that picture!!!

  3. I'd be lying if I said I didnt.
    But to be fair. I can see over a mile in each direction, and the trains only do 30/40mph so it wasn't as stupid as it looks. Is it?