Monday, 22 October 2012

Run from home with Joss

After a late breakfast, Joss and I got ready for a long one (Long by my standards considering my standard run is just 3 miles).

13 miles across the local fields of Brindle were in-store. Ive done the route lots of times before, and take in the first 4 or so mile of the LDWA's "Bottoms Up".

Train Bridge, just up the lane from Brinde St Joseph's RC Church

Joss - Mid-flight

Hoghton Viaduct, Hoghton Bottoms

A very wet gateway. With the mast of Winter Hill in the extreme distance.

The M65 - Halfway between Junctions 2 -3 if if you want to be specific.

A path through the crops

I havent got lost then...

The crop - Yet to suss out exactly what it is, but the bad weather hasnt helped the entire field get beyond waist height.

The main man

My camera wont do this landscape justice. I am two miles from home and my legs have had enough and I want some food. So I stood on the style for what must of been 5 minutes and just pondered.
The view isnt lakeland, but I enjoyed it.
The first row of trees shown the seasons are in full swing with a full variety of colours on show. The bowland fell are in the distance to the right, and you can just about see the coast on the left.

Lovely day to be out, with a few walkers in the more easy to get to sections of my route, and not a soul on the more rural stretches.

Clocked just over 30 miles for the week which I was pleased with. Only 3100ft of climbing though, but im still happy with my weeks effort.

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