Friday, 12 October 2012

Thursday Night Hill Session with Horwich RMI

I used to train everything Thursday evening with Horwich, on and around Winter Hill getting nice and muddy, but I picked up a calf injury at the back end of July and didn't go back...

...since the dark nights are drawing in, the fell session has ended and it's now on the road. 

I went over the Horwich, and joined about 8 or so others for the session.
Two loops of Foxholes and Factory Hill (I think it's called) and then the long drag up to the mast on Winter Hill. 
I clocked about 7 miles of running in about 55 minutes with 1,500ft+ climbing.

My legs were pretty blitzed after it, and I recorded a new highest max HR of 187 - Which I think is due to not being as fit as I was before my calf went, and still trying to run at the pace I used to hold.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. 

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