Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"Test Video Go-Pro"

Back in Feb (I think) this year, I met up with my good friend Mark on Winter Hill to practice filming ahead of the Winter Hill Fell Race, as a number of us were planning on recording the race.

The footage is described by mark quite simply as...This very short film is a prequel and practice attempt at filming the Norman Mathews Winter Hill fell race which will appear on youtube later in the year. The race takes place every year in February. The purpose of this film is solely to show Alex how the camera works and what the footage looks like when used in different ways. Not all of the footage is desirable, however, this aids as a tool when viewed.

Its not going to wind any awards, but its got a nice soundtrack and Mark's editing skills have brought it to live. You fall "with me" as I hit the deck trying to stride out whilst watching the camera...anyway...enjoy.

Watch the film here!

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