Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Out in the dark

On Monday after work, I did what tens, if not hundreds of thoasands of people will have done - gone out and trained.

It was either a short 3 miler on the road, or a muddy one with the headtorch. I chose the latter and once Joss was wearing his harness (which I hand-stitched the reflective material from a high-viz jacket) we set off out the door.
A Rather dirty sign, on an extremely tall post...

Ive only posted this because it abit "different".


Poor timed blink, or a poor timed photo?
We ended up doing just over 6 miles across lovely muddy fields, with only maybe half a mile of road in total linking strings of fields together. I only once scared the living daylights out of myself thinking someone was coming up behind me in the dark, only to realise it was just the wind whirling around the winter crops.

Unlike our run on Saturday, we didnt see any deer, but I caught the eyes of a fox shining back from the light of the headtorch, various rabbitsand we startled numberous flocks of sheep. Joss is good with sheep, and I just keep talking to him and he completely ignors them.

I had a bit of foot pain which spoilt the run a bit, but otherwise a fantastic night to be out.

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