Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My foot hurts

I dont know whats wrong with my left foot, but it absolutely kills.

It suddenly started hurting walking the dog Sunday night. I went for 6 miler across the fields on Monday night and it was excruciating 

Its the underside of my foot, towards the inside - kind of in between the ball of my foot and the arch. I usually do a gentle-ish 3 miler on the roads on a Wednesday night ahead of the tough hill session Thursday.

Might have to do a session on the turbo-trainer and then stick my foot in a bucket of water for an hour and hope that helps.

These damn little aches and pain. We all get them, but they dont stop being a pain (pun intended).


  1. Have you tried rolling a golf ball under your foot to massage the sore spot? Also roll a bottle of cold water or cold can under your arch to ice the spot. Usually does the trick for me with minor foot/arch problems.
    Jon Green