Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Starting up again!

Its been quite some time since I last posted.

In November I gave in to my painful IT bands, and planned to keep resting until after Christmas. Christmas came and went, and I got very behind on my dissertation for Uni.

5 months, and 14,000 words later I have handed my dissertation in.

Last night, in celebration of completing my dissertation I took Joss the dog for our first run since November. My standard run from home is 4.5miles, across farmers fields with a few sections of road linking the next footpath.

Before I got injured in November, I was at the top of my game and I was improving constantly and at a level I never imagined. I was confident that with more training I could maybe achieve my main goal of winning a race. But 5 months later and all my fitness has gone.

My quickest time for the 4.5 miler is about 28 minutes (I think), but last night I did it in 34 minutes. And I felt every single one of those minutes. Joss seems a bit out of shape too!

Anyway, Im going to take it nice and steady and just take each week at a time and hope to see you all out there again soon!

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